Arts Insider Workshop: It’s All in the Process with Mark Aeling

Have you ever wanted to create public art? Interested in how to maintain artistic vision when adapting your ideas to a multi-stage or complex project?
For our next Arts Insider workshop, “All Part of the Process,” Mark Aeling, master sculptor and owner of MGA Sculpture Studios, will provide insight on how creative process works for large-scale, logistically challenging sculpture and public art.

Mark will touch on questions like:

  • How does an artist maintain artistic vision when assistants, contractors, and other entities are required to complete the artwork?
  • When working on large commissioned pieces, how do you keep your integrity and still deliver what the client wants?
  • What do you do when something during the process doesn’t work?
  • How do you find inspiration in your process to keep coming back and creating more work?

Join us for this hands-on workshop Tuesday, July 10 from 7-9 pm at Creative Pinellas.

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