Aresty Speakers Series

For next-level intellectual engagement in our community, the Aresty Speaker Series brings leading thinkers from across the world into our midst.  Previous Aresty Speakers include Pulitzer Prize winning authors like Hedrick Smith and Gilbert King, Rolling Stone editor and climate author Jeff Goodell, crypto currency pioneers Charlie Shrem and guest Jimmy Song, global ambassador for life Thomas Pickering, technologist Michael Sturtz, education disruptor Geoffrey Canada, urban farming legend Will Allen, and world-renown nutrition scientist Dr. T. Colin Campbell.  Visit our connect page for more info.

OPEN Conversations

OPEN’s events come into play around areas of focus, each defined as a THEME. A theme is a multi-dimensional topic that touches almost everyone in the community in one way or another—today and long-term. OPEN invites all of our voices, ideas, resources and engagement to converge within the context of each theme.  Our goal is to stimulate thematic community dialogue that not only inspires, but also helps us solve our most pressing challenges today–as a connected city.  Please visit our themes mosaic below to engage in a theme today.


OPEN World Partnerships

World Partnerships brings International visitors to the Tampa Bay region as part of a US State Department initiative of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’. Through their International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), they create business, educational, arts & cultural exchanges that help generate innovative partnerships and collaboration among a unique network of global leaders. 


OPEN and World Partnerships have joined together to develop new and novel approaches that bring global perspectives to local and regional community engagement. While OPEN provides the “community on-ramp” to engage World Partnerships official international visitors, World Partnerships brings a “global on-ramp” for the OPEN community to engage and connect with the World.


Together OPEN and World Partnership educate the world about Americans, and educate Americans about the World.

Network Partners

Partnerships—from formal to simply collaborative—are the heart of OPEN’s ability to create change. OPEN events are embedded into the fabric of St. Petersburg—its events are offered at locations throughout the community.  Past partners include the The Poynter Institute and WUSF, St. Petersburg Conference on World AffairsSt. Petersburg College Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions, the iCAR Conference at the University of South Florida, and the Et Cultura Festival  To find out more about OPEN Partnerships please contact us today.

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Common Ground

Through storytelling, art, and civic dialogue.

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Explore the World of Science and Research

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Future City

Join the community as we envision a smart, inclusive city for the future

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Live Well

Wellness, healing, laughter, art

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Rad Schools

A fresh take on learning intersecting education, music, and sports.

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Grow, sell, taste healthy food through sustainable urban agriculture

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