Leave No Veteran Behind: Using the Blockchain to Improve Veterans’ Lives

During this military appreciation month, join us for expert discussion on veterans’ issues in the bay area and a veteran networking event.

Throughout history, as people went off to war, they returned changed, often not for the better. It is a tragedy that today when a service member takes off the uniform, they face life challenges that include: financial insecurity (20%), difficulty transitioning to civilian life (44%), and homelessness (1.5 million). Today, the emergence of the blockchain and Web3 offers communities the opportunity to self-organize and create grass-roots solutions to the problems they face. At this event, we gather thought leaders in the veteran and blockchain space to explore the issues facing veterans today and discuss the range of possible solutions the blockchain could offer. We will recognize a local veteran-owned business with a business incubator grant and then hold an open networking event following our panel discussion.

All attendees will get a free NFT for attending! We hope to see you there!

Sponsored By: Bison Investments, Inc and The Sigety Family

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