Designing Our Future Together through Appreciative Inquiry

Using Appreciative Inquiry to design our future together


Connect & Propel Tampa Bay brought 50 leaders together from around the region to brainstorm and vision how to create a North Star for Tampa and bring the best parts forward. It isn’t political, biased, ministerial, bureaucratic, racial, administrative, legislative, governmental, etc. It is a conversation with all stakeholders represented, including youth. This Steering Committee Group is leading the direction to bring eight hundred people together in a summit for a conversation about what is possible!

Leading experts Dr. David Cooperrider, Dr. Lindsey Godwin, and Prudence Sullivan to lead a journey to discover what happens when you highlight and build on the best of an amazing city with unlimited potential. They like to call it Community Innovation! The summit will create working groups of individuals from all sectors who will work together to bring their hopes for Tampa’s future into fruition, and build the future we know we are capable of creating!


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