St Pete Innovation District – State of Science 2021 (In Person)

Join us in person for the 4th annual State of Science featuring the innovative science and technology of St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg Innovation District is the professional home to hundreds of scientists, technologist, and doctors. These individuals are leaders in their fields world-wide but are often unknown locally. They are working to solve childhood illnesses, map the ocean, address climate change, and develop new technology.

The District will be hosting our annual event to showcase these individuals and their stories. This year’s event will begin with a special look back over the five years since the District was formed. That will quickly move into a series of fast-paced, brief presentations from our innovators that are sure to pique your curiosity. The reception following the program will give the in-person attendees the rare opportunity to continue the conversations with the presenters. This event is modeled after the City of St Pete’s annual State of the City and State of the Economy.

Rest assured, both technology/science-geeks and those whose skills peaked while figuring out their latest phone will enjoy this event. You will learn something new about St. Petersburg.

This event will have both an in-person and online audience. This registration is for the in-person tickets. Click here for registration to watch online

Parking and other logistics information will be sent to ticket holders the day before the event.

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