OPEN Conversation with Mindahi Bastida Muñoz – Listening to Earth’s Original Caretakers by CFTB

St. Petersburg celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day by Reconnecting Human+Nature


Mindahi Bastida Munoz, Director of the Original Caretakers Program at the Center for Earth Ethics, joins us for an OPEN Conversation about the wisdom of traditional Native philosophies, the Doctrine of Discovery, Indigenous People’s Rights, and what we can learn about sustainability from the people who embrace it as a way of life.

Serving as a wisdom keeper and spiritual elder, Bastida Munoz shares stories to inspire, educate, heal and take responsibility for restoring life’s balance for the sake of our common future.

Join us in celebrating St Petersburg as a City of Compassion and a City of Peace, as our distinguished guest, Mindahi Bastida Munoz, shares the wisdom of our forgotten history and helps to re-ground us (literally and figuratively) in the importance of reconnecting humans to nature.

Sunday, October 13 – Healing ceremony & storytelling at Sacred Lands – 4:00 pm

Monday, October 14 – OPEN Conversation with Mindahi Munoz at The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art – 6:00 pm


Event is FREE and OPEN to the Public.

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